Monthly Parish Prayer Diary



Prayer Diary for July 2019


Father, I place into your hands

the things that I can’t do.

Father, I place into your hands

the things that I’ve been through.

Father, I place into your hands  

the way that I should go,

for I know I always can trust you



Compiled by Barbara Thornton

Monday 1st   

We pray for our Small Groups who meet to share their faith and each  others’ ups and downs. Help us to keep our enthusiasm and energy and pray that others may join.

Tuesday 2nd  

Today is our weekly Coffee Morning – Call-In.  Bless all who help and all who visit. Make it a welcoming place for the lonely and those who live alone

Wednesday 3rd

 Today is St Thomas’ day – known as Doubting Thomas. We all have doubts like Thomas. Help us to keep our faith and grow in discipleship.

Thursday 4th  

We think of our Community Hall and all the activities that go on there. We give thanks for the commitment of those who run these activities for the community.

Friday 5t

 We pray for our Uniformed Groups and the leaders of these splendid organisations which have helped young people for so many years. Long may they continue.

Saturday 6th

Saturday is a traditional day for getting married. Bless all those joined in Holy matrimony this day.  May their unions be long and loving.

Sunday 7th

 Help us Lord to give willingly and joyfully to the running of this church.  We have so much in comparison to many others so let us share what we have in your name.

Monday 8th

We are blessed in this parish with good schools. We pray for all staff and governors in the work that they do and we pray our young people will grow up to be responsible, caring citizens.

Tuesday 9th

 We pray for the people being looked after in our Care Homes.  May they be treated with dignity and respect as befits those who can no longer live independently.  Caring for them is not easy so bless all those who do this work.

Wednesday 10th 

Birkenshaw & E.Bierley Toddler Group meets weekly in church. Bless all those who have the precious gift of children.  Help the parents to love and care for them.

Thursday 11th

We thank you Lord for our families and friends who are always there for us and us for them. We  are also blessed with our larger church family.  Help us to love and care for them.

Friday 12th  

We place in your hands, Lord, those who are ill, especially those nearing the end of their lives.  May the skill of medical and nursing staff be there for them as well as the love of their families.

Saturday  13th

The Hub is our very successful Breakfast Club. We thank you for all those who give of their time to run it. Let it be a time of fellowship for our community.

Sunday 14th

 As the end of our interregnum draws nearer, we pray for Karen who is to be our part-time vicar. Uphold her Lord in this task and give her the strength and wisdom for this difficult change.  Be with the people of St. Mary’s at this time as they learn to share their vicar with us.

Monday 15th

Today is the Saints Day of Mary Magdalene who was a faithful follower of Jesus.  Let us remember the important contribution of women in the world, then and now.

Tuesday 16th

We celebrate our wonderful Health Service and thank you for the dedication and skill of so many who look after us. The advances in medical science are amazing and part of your wonderful plan for our world.

Wednesday 17th

 We pray for the shops and businesses in our parish.  Help us to support them to provide a community that is resourceful and vibrant.  We pray especially for the new ventures that have sprung up recently.

Thursday 18th   In our daily lives we need to work hard and to enjoy our leisure time.  We have   golf,  bowls and cricket all within our parish and many activities for young people.  Let us support them so they flourish .

Friday 19th Tonight we have a concert to raise funds for this church.  We give thanks for our hard working social committee and all the people who support our events.

Saturday 20th  We pray for those in positions of authority.  May they use their power wisely for the good of all   We pray for our country as we struggle to agree on far reaching decisions.

Sunday 21st   We thank you for our young people in our church family and for Sunday Crew where they can enrich their faith and share with the congregation what they are doing.

Monday 22nd School holidays start this week.  Keep our children safe whether at home or away . Give the teachers refreshment to return with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.

Tuesday 23rd   We give thanks for our emergency services who often risk their own lives to help others. We despise those who assault them  in the course of duty and cannot understand why this should be.

Wednesday 24th   We pray for all those who are volunteers and give of their time and expertise.  We value their help .  Continue Lord to give them the commitment to carry on. 

Thursday 25th   Our PCC meets tonight.  Give them guidance and wisdom in all they do especially in this time of interregnum.

Friday 26th  We continue to pray for our link parish of Magoma. Their faith and spirituality seems far greater than ours. Bless them Lord in all they do.

Saturday 27th  We thank you Lord for the green space that is our churchyard and for those who help in its upkeep. It is a testimony to all who have gone before and so we honour their memory.

Sunday 28th  We pray for Ralph and Noeline and for our wardens, Hilary and Sheila. This interregnum has been a testing time and we are grateful for all they do.

Monday 29th  We  pray for the work of the Aid Agencies all over the world who are there to help when natural disasters strike and also when man made disasters occur.  Help us to be generous with our financial aid.

Tuesday 30th   We remember those who are bereaved.  Comfort them in their sorrow, safe in the knowledge they are now with you in your kingdom.

Wednesday 31st  We pray for ourselves – for this church in Birkenshaw. May it shine like a beacon of hope in a confused and scary world.