Monthly Parish Prayer Diary

Monthly Prayer Diary for December

And now we give you thanks because in His coming as Man, the day of our deliverance has dawned, and through Him You will make all things new, as He comes in power and triumph to judge the world.


Wednesday 5th

We pray for our Clergy as they prepare for the busiest time of our Church year. We thank you, Lord, for their dedication and enthusiasm in explaining Your word to us and to the many new friends who will come through or door at this time of the year.

Thursday 6th Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, c326

Nicholas distributed presents to the poor. Let us not forget those less fortunate than ourselves, especially at this time of year. May we give freely to our Food Bank so that others can share some seasonal cheer.

Friday 7th

We pray for the children and teachers at our local schools as they prepare for plays. parties etc. at this busiest of times. Let them, and us, remember the true meaning of the season and let us all put Christ at the centre of all our activities.

Saturday 8th

We thank You, God, for our social committee. For the work they do in organising events where we can meet for fun and fellowship in Your name. They work tirelessly for our benefit, raising funds so the Church can continue to be a meaningful presence in our community.

Sunday 9th

Today is the final day that we share our ministry with Danny and Viv. We thank you God for the ideas and enthusiasm they have brought to our Church. We pray that they will be fulfilled and prosper in their new parish, spending many happy and healthy years there.

Monday 10th Human rights day, 70th anniversary

This date was chosen to honour the adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights 70 years ago. We take our Human Rights for granted. We remember those who do not enjoy that freedom and we pray that we can all work towards a freer, more humane and equal word.

Tuesday 11th

Lord, let us pray for our Call-in. For the stalwart volunteers who make the drinks. Let it be an opportunity to show the wider community the work that we do in Your name.

Wednesday 12th

Today we remember our Small groups and our Nurture group where we meet to learn and understand more about God's word. We pray for our members and for anyone considering joining a group. In the intimacy of a small group we have courage to ask questions and we grow in Faith as a result of this.

Thursday 13th St. Lucy, martyr

Lord, we thank you for the steadfast faith of your servant, Lucy, and for the gift of sight as we pray for the work of the RNIB and all those who work to train Guide dogs.

Friday 14th

Lord, today is our Parish Christmas lunch. We thank you for the food, the friendship and the fellowship we will share. Thank you for the organisers who make this happy event happen.

Saturday 15th

We pray for those who will be attending tonight's Community dance. It will bring people together in friendship and companionship. We thank you, God, that these events are particularly important for those people living alone.

Sunday 17th Magoma

We pray for our friends in Magoma and for their Vicar, Charles. They have very little, yet are so generous and so happy with their lot. They are an example to us. Lord, surround them with your love and protection.

Monday 17th Eglantyne Jebb, founder of 'Save the children', 1928

Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me”. We pray for the work of “Save the children”, the Children's society and all other groups who have the welfare of children at their heart. At the present time there has never been more pressure on our young people. Let us surround them with our love and prayers as they make their way in a turbulent world.

Tuesday 18th Film Night

We thank you, Lord, for the success of our Film night. We pray for those who attend and hope that they enjoy companionship with those around them.

Wednesday 19th

Let us pray for the work of charities who help those in need of foodand shelter, particularly in the the cold days of the winter months. We pray for the Salvation Army, Shelter, Crisis and all the many others who bring comfort to those who need it most.

Thursday 20th

Lord God, You are the author of peace. You stilled the raging storm and have ordered the creation of the World to suit Your purpose and timing. Speak peace to the heart of Your World. May Your peace be commanded in all the places of the Earth where violence, injustice, and war abound.

Friday 21st

We pray today for anyone who finds Christmas a difficult time. Please bring comfort to the body, mind and spirit of those who suffer. Bring them the peace that passes all understanding and that only You can give.

Saturday 22nd

We pray for those who are lonely or sick, especially the terminally ill. Shine Your saving light into their hearts that they may see Your Glory.

Sunday 23rd

Thank you that, in worship, we can put aside the uncertainties of this world and rest upon the certainties of Your Kingdom, for Your promises are not changeable, but immovable and eternal.

Monday 24th Christmas eve

“How silently, how silently, the wondrous gift is given”. Oh, God, let us step aside from our busytlives to bow before You in silence as we listen to the Christmas message.

Tuesday 25th Christmas day

“Has He been?” Has the Wonderful counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, entered our hearts today?

Wednesday 26th St. Stephen, martyr

We thank you for the example of our first martyr, Stephen. Close the door of hate and open the door of love, all over the World.

Thursday 27th St. John the Evangelist

“Jesus saw his mother and the disciple that He love standing there; so He said to his mother, “He is your son”. Then He said to the disciple, “She is your mother”. From that time the disciple took her to live in his home”.  John 19: v 26-27.

Friday 28th Holy innocents

We remember the witness of children slaughtered through the aggression of war or malevolence of any kind, and commend them to Your loving arms.

Saturday 29th Thomas a Beckett, Archbishop and martyr

Father, You confirm the true faith with the crown of martyrdom. May the prayers of St. Thomas a Beckett give us the courage to proclaim our faith by the witness of our lives.

Sunday 30th

Lord, as a baby You sought refuge in a foreign land. We pray for all those who must flee home and country and ask that You guide them to a place of safety.

Monday 31st New Year's eve

“With every power of good to stay and guide me, 

Comforted and inspired beyond all fear, 

I'll live these days with You in thought beside me, 

And pass with You into the coming year

Dietrich Bonnhoeffer, from prison, New Year 1945.

This Months Prayer Diary has been prepared by Ruth May