Monthly Parish Prayer Diary

Monthly Prayer Diary for September

Friday 1st   We ask for your help Lord, to keep us steadfast in prayer.  There is so much to pray for in this blighted world.

Saturday 2nd    We thank you Lord for the seasons as the days mellow and the days shorten and we wonder daily at your creation.

Sunday 3rd    We pray for those who must work today – the Lord’s Day – to keep essential services running and for those in caring roles. Also for those who must work for financial reasons.

Monday 4th    Back to school this week, refreshed after the long summer break. Bless our children and keep them safe. We pray for teachers and ancillary staff in all they do.

Tuesday 5th    We thank  Lord, for the precious gift of families, those close at hand and those far away. We pray for those who have no family. Help us to care for them also.

Wednesday 6th     In this precarious world we inhabit, we pray for peace among nations and think of those living out their lives in fear and in desperate conditions.

Thursday 7th 

We pray for our community in this parish, for all the businesses and organisations which enrich our lives and bring so much to our daily routines.

Friday 8th   We thank you Lord for our health service and for the skill and dedication shown by all who work in it.

Saturday 9th   We thank you for the commitment of all who work to raise money to help keep this church financially secure and continue its ministry. We pray that our fund raising event today will be well supported.

Sunday 10th   We think of our children in KFC and the fun and joy they have in their nurturing activities. We thank you for the interest shown by our congregation when they relate in church what they have been doing.

Monday 11th  We give thanks for the jobs that people have, enabling them to earn a living and have self respect. We pray also for those not so fortunate, who are unable to work through ill health or unfortunate circumstances.

Tuesday 12th   We value the generosity of those who give and continue to give to our Food Bank collection. It is sad that there is this need so let us give with thanksgiving to those who have less than us.

Wednesday 13th  We pray for the gift of the green space that is our churchyard, used and enjoyed by so many and give thanks for the voluntary work done on its upkeep.

Thursday 14th  We pray for the world. O God, the Father of us all, direct our leaders of the world that all your children may live together in justice and in peace. We pray that all fighting and war may come to an end, particularly in the Middle East. We pray that the situation with North Korea may be resolved without escalation.

Friday 15th  The sufferings of the world.  God of love whose compassions fail not, we bring before you the sufferings of all people; the necessities of the homeless; the sighing of the prisoners; the pains of the sick and injured; the sorrows of the bereaved; the helplessness of the aged and weak. In your great mercy, comfort and relieve them Lord, according to their needs. (after St. Anselm)

Saturday 16th.  Today, we give thanks for our friends who share our joys and sorrows and enrich our lives.

“Eat and drink together; talk and laugh together; enjoy life together but never call it friendship till you have wept together.”  (An African saying)

Sunday 17th. Today we pray for clergy everywhere; for our own priests, Danny and Ralph and also remembering David, taking a well earned rest in his new home. We thank you for his long ministry in this parish. We expect our parish priests to be all things to all people and always available. Give them strength and wisdom and uphold them in their calling, Lord.

Monday 18th. Give us joy in our faith Lord. A miserable Christian will never inspire others. Help us to be truly thankful and joyous for all the gifts you shower upon us, friends and family, food, medicine, education, healthcare and most of all our faith.

Tuesday  19th. We have truly amazing emergency services in this country. We have seen how they respond when terrorists strike – over and beyond the call of duty – also the kindness they show on routine call-outs. We thank you Lord, for their dedication and courage.

Wednesday 20th. Forgiveness does not always come easy to us Lord.  Grant that we may be truly merciful and forgiving towards anyone who has hurt us.

Thursday 21st. Today is the Feast of St. Matthew. Lord, you chose Matthew, a tax collector to be a disciple. He left everything to be a follower of Jesus. This evening, our PCC meets. Help them  to make wise decisions to do the best they can.

Friday 22nd. Help us Lord to give thanks for the   work of armed forces throughout the world,         that they may be led wisely, be disciplined and fair in their difficult work.

Saturday 23rd  We pray for those who are     bereaved. Be with them Lord through the pain of grief and give them hope to carry on.

Sunday 24th. We pray for our local Churches Together Group and help us to share common aims to further our faith and ministries.

Monday 25th. We pray for leaders of nations all over the world. Guide them with your wisdom     Lord,  that they will rule with fairness and in peace and not by oppression and violence.

Tuesday 26th   Our Small Groups have become a central part of our church life.  Give them encouragement and sustain them so new members will be encouraged to join.

Wednesday 27th. We pray for those who are lonely, sad or depressed.  Help us as a church community to make time to visit and  encourage them.

Thursday 28thLet us give thanks for all we have, both individually and as a church .  As each new day dawns, we glory in all you have created and ask that we will be good stewards of all the riches of this world.

Friday 29th. Today is the Feast of St. Michael and all Angels. Father in heaven, you give your angels charge over those who trust in you, to guard them in all their ways. Be with those in trouble, rescue them and show them your salvation.

Saturday 30thOn this last day of this month, we pray for the work of the churches in this parish, St. Paul’s and St. Luke’s. Help us to be outward looking and to serve this community so we stand as a beacon of faith and hope.


This month’s prayer diary has been by prepared by

Barbara Thornton